BeeNode (BNODE) to ADVCash (USD)

Attention. We send funds only to identified wallets. In case the wallet is not identified, we return the funds upon request, minus our commission.
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We will be back on Monday at 11:00 (UTC/GMT+3).

How to exchange BeeNode for ADVCash?

Step 1. Enter the amount you want to pay in the «Give» field or get in the «Get» field.

Step 2. Specify the account to which funds should be received. Carefully check all the characters in the invoice - we will not be able to return the funds if you specify an incorrect account.

Step 3. Enter your e-mail. It will receive a notification about the status of the transaction.

Step 4. Click Next.

Step 5. On the next screen, carefully check the specified data. If everything is correct, enter the code from the image and click «Confirm».

Copy or write down the transaction ID. With this ID you can find out the status of your transaction in the block on the right.

If you register on the site, you can monitor the status of the transaction from your personal account.

Step 6. Transfer the required amount of BeeNode to the purse indicated above. To find out more detailed information about your transaction and the amount of the exchange - click «Details». There you can see your transaction number - you will need it to check the status of the transaction;

Making a transaction in the BeeNode wallet

Step 7. Open the wallet on your device (if you don’t have one yet, download it on the official website BeeNode);

Step 8. Wait for the wallet to synchronize and go to the «Send» tab;

Step 9. In the «Pay To» field, enter the number of our wallet to which you send funds;

Step 10. In the «Label» field, enter «Cronex» to add us to your address book;

Step 11. In the «Quantity» field, enter the necessary amount for sending (NOT check field «Subtract fee from the amount», otherwise you will transfer the amount less than indicated in the application);

A transfer fee is charged. You can set a fee at will, for this click «Choose» in the «Transaction Fee» tab. The more you set the fee, the faster the transaction will pass.

Step 12. Click «send» to transfer funds;

Continue transaction on website

Step 13. After transferring the required amount of BeeNode, click «Done»;

Step 14. Wait until you receive funds for your wallet.

Step 15. You can learn about the status of your transaction by clicking the Status button;

Step 16. If you have closed the page, you can learn about the status of the transaction from your personal account (for registered users) or by checking the status of the transaction in the field to the right (if you do not remember the transaction number, you can view it in a letter in your mail);

Step 17. All notifications about your transaction come to the email you specify.

Step 18. On our site will be all the information about your transaction. If the information does not appear, click «Refresh this page».

Step 19. We will be grateful if you leave a review about us!